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If you’re in Fayetteville, NC, Early Voting for the Mayoral and Municipal Primary has already begun, and continues through October 7, 2017.

Early Voting is available at:

Cumberland County Board of Elections 227 Fountainhead Lane, Fayetteville, NC 28301 Hours: M-F 8-5  |  October 7 (final Saturday): 9-1 (Early voting ends at 1:00 pm).

You can register here at the same time if you need to. In fact, if you have not registered to vote in Fayetteville before, using the Early Voting Service is the only way to register in time for the primaries on October 10th. If you’re registering to vote, you will need to bring proof of residency, like your driver’s license, utility bill, or military ID.

If you miss early voting, show up at the polls on October 10, 2017.

Check out this list of polling sites.

Do you need a ride? Are you able to offer some rides? Cape Fear Indivisible is organizing local carpools to and from the early voting location, as well as to polling places during the general election. Come to our Facebook page to request or offer a ride.

Who’s Running?

Learn more about each candidate with the Fayetteville Observer’s 2017 Primary Voter Guide before you vote!

Mayoral Primary Candidates

The primaries are open, so everyone can vote for their favorite candidates from any party. The two candidates with the most votes will move on to the general election.

Fayetteville City Council Primaries

Districts 4, 8, and 9 won’t see anyone on the ballots this time around because in District 9, Mr. Arp is unopposed; and in Districts 4 & 8 the two candidates in each will automatically move on to the general election.

These primaries are open, too. Democrat? Republican? Independent? Doesn’t matter. You don’t even need your ID if you’re already registered to vote at your current address. Show up at the polls on the 10th, tell the worker your full name and address, and make your vote count!

City Council District 1

Fayetteville, NC District 1 City Council Candidates
Curtis L. Brown, Sr., Cathy Dickens, Kathy Keefe Jensen

City Council District 2

Fayetteville, NC District 2 City Council Candidates
George Butterfly, Len Brown, Dan Culliton, Ted Donovan, Kia Henry, Linda L. Miller, John Mulvaney, Paul Taylor, Tyrone A. Williams

City Council District 3

Fayetteville, NC District 3 City Council Candidates
Melissa D. Allen, Mike Dobs, Tisha S. Waddell, Jeremy D. Wright

City Council District 4

Fayetteville, NC District 4 City Council Candidates
D.J. Haire, Chalmers McDougald

City Council District 5

Fayetteville, NC District 5 City Council Candidates
Johnny Dawkins, Hanah Ehrenreich, Tommy Macon, Henry Tyson, Paul A. Williams

City Council District 6

Fayetteville, NC District 6 City Council Candidates
Gary Blackwell, Jason Brady, Bill Crisp, Toni Stewart

City Council District 7

Fayetteville, NC District 7 City Council Candidates
Tre’vone McNeill, Tawanda Robinson, Calvin B. Rome, Larry O. Wright, Sr.

City Council District 8

Fayetteville, NC District 8 City Council Candidates
John Miner, Ted Mohn

City Council District 9

Fayetteville, NC District 9 City Council Candidates
Jim Arp

Join Cape Fear Indivisible for this election and join us for our first Ride to the Polls event.


Volunteers are signing up to offer carpools and rides to people around Fayetteville who need them, right on Facebook! If you need a ride (or can offer a ride!) to Early Voting, or the General Election, go to Cape Fear Indivisible’s Facebook Ride the Polls thread to sign up.


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